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Details of project

Assignment 4 U (A4U) started a year ago to provide students that seek for professional assistance services in completing academic assignment. With competitive pricing and prompt customer service, A4U soon became one of the top assignment helpers in Malaysia and has planned to dominate on other countries.

To further capture more attention and increase sales while slicing a greater market share as a new entrant, A4U understands that it eventually needs to propel its business growth by moving into the e-commerce era.


The assignment helper industry itself is very competitive, in terms of the volume of the major keywords. Besides, A4U has a limited budget to be allocated for digital marketing, hence they are not able to be competed in the intensive price war.


After many thorough discovery sessions with A4U, we analysed that the company needs to have a huge emphasis on its customer service as it is the point where its customers make transaction on. For that, the customer acquisition on the earliest instance conversion rate becomes the overriding objective. From this perspective, the typical e-commerce checkout process would create unnecessary steps in the path-to-purchase and may reduce the sales conversion rate.

Furthermore, the site’s searchability and exposure on search engine is critical to success in reaching potential audience. Hence, we customised the website’s structure to be SEO compliant, optimised as well as advised MOS on the relevant approaches to creating product content that will improve Google’s indexing of the whole website.

Significantly, we have also run google search text ads to target most of the potential customers with detail keyword targeting. As of now, we are utilising different location strategy to target audiences from the oversea.


After implementing Website enablement as well as Google Ads Campaign, A4U has successfully sliced up its market (impression) share to 23%! Besides, the website has also been ranking on the first page of Google search results by the targeted keywords, generating a strong, constant stream of traffic to the site.

Client Quote

Never knew that e-commerce can have such a huge impact on our sales to such extent. Very exciting to know that this momentum can be continued in the coming years ahead!

Jane Lee
Director of A4U Writing Agency

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