Nice Soup Restaurant

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Details of project

Nice Soup Gang restaurant is founded in year 1995, and since then has been famous around the neighbourhood for its tasty and yet affordable dishes!

Nice Soup Gang also offers delicious soup and desserts – their fish bone soup is to die for (not an advertisement!)


Very used to their conventional way of operating, Nice Soup Gang’s challenge was to generate effective paid ads strategies to reach out a greater, on-the-go audiences at their “point of hunger”. This is especially significant during the “golden hours” where potential customers make decisions regarding as to where and what to eat.

Nonetheless, Nice Soup Gang felt the need to develop their ecommerce and digital existence to continue stay relevance in the market.


Leveraging our team’s best practices for campaign setup & targeting. We have developed Facebook Paid Ads campaign by utilising ads format such as image, video, and carousels. In this case, this enables potential customers to have instant consideration and demand for Nice Soup Gang Restaurant, as well as providing them with info on promotions and directions. Besides, ads management is monitored daily to make sure optimization of x audiences to ad copy, to imagery, were required to maximize impact.

Furthermore, we have also commenced on long-term content marketing, showcasing the menu, offers as well as promotions of Nice Soup Gang Restaurant, further creating conversations with its audience.


We ran Nice Soup Gang’s marketing campaign for 3 months and we are able to achieve:

15X monthly average return on ad spend

20.52% increase in revenue

+300 increase in page likes

+342,000 people reached

+20,000 interactions

Client Quote

Our passion for food have always inspired us to offer better dining experience and value-for-money service. We are very grateful to work with Prouvers and have tapped on e-commerce to serve our customers better!

Sean Choong,
Owner of Nice Soup Gang Restaurant.

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