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Details of project

Top Media Partners is a Lahore-based leading consultation service provider, to help companies create value through operational leadership while offering co-creation to online customer acquisition solutions, as well as providing world class BPO services; encompassing Contact Center and IT services.

To reach out greater region of audience as well as increasing revenue growth, Top Media Partner chosed to embark on the e-commerce journey. Nevertheless, the greatest challenge for them is to select on which solution provider to achieve this mission.


Top Media Partner had previously engaged with a marketing agency to do their Google Ads, and had even spent up to 10,000 USD for their ads budget per day! However, while their sales are barely profitable, ROI dropped drastically during the process. They are unsure if their sales could be scaled without sacrificing a strong and positive ROI.

Top Media Partner felt the need to opt for a more efficient team in handling their Google Ads Marketing, and approached Prouvers for help.


We analysed detailly on Top Media Partner’s operation process, and realised the company gets a huge volume of call traffic by directing to its website. Hence, server stability and speed optimisation are very significant to the operation process.

Besides, due to the high amount of Google Ads spending, we chose to restructure Top Media Partner’s ads account into logical campaign, to have a better control over the budgets, ad scheduling, and geo-targeting. In addition, we also focused to run Call-only ads, as users who choose to interact through calls are further into purchase funnel and has higher conversion rates!

Taking the above considerations into account, it is known that the vast majority of conversions are through phone calls. Hence, the two metrics – Conversions and Cost Per Clicks (CPC) are significant as to keep track on the progress that indicates how well is the ads performing.


Top Media Partner’s captured more than RM 250,000 revenue on its first month of Google Ads campaign.

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Client Quote

“Tackling AdWords in-house requires serious resources and scaling. Prouvers team has shown full dedication and delivered all promises made… We appreciate the level of personal commitment shown by Prouvers.”

Danish Roomison,

Director, Top Media Partner

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