Grow Your Business ? Let’s Talk About SEO, Seriously !

The siren call of SEO is well known. It goes something like this:

  • Rank your website #1 on Google!
  • Get massive search traffic and passive exposure!
  • Profit!

But for many beginners, their SEO journey ends before it even begins. White‐hat versus black‐hat? Site audits? Backlink profiles? URL Rating and Keyword Difficulty? No thank you—I’ll be over here hitting “promote” on some Facebook posts.

Somewhere along the line, we searching for, month after month, in Google all end up asking the same question:

What is SEOreally? And is it all worth it?

SEO is an algorithmic system that uses keywords from searches to pull a number of web results that are relevant to that specific input. For example, if you decide to go to Google and search “Digital Marketing Service in KL,” the list of results are in that very order simply due to the SEO algorithm set in place. Now the tricky part about these algorithms is that they are constantly changing and improving.

3 reasons you need SEO to survive and thrive !

1. 90.88% of pages are invisible in Google

Last year, we studied almost a billion web pages to see how many of them are totally invisible.


Do you want to be in that invisible ~91%?

Without SEO—a big part of which is earning links from unique websites (referring domains) to your site’s content—it’s likely where you’ll end up.

2. Your competitors are already stealing your business by doing it.

Whether you’re an internet business or local store, if you’re not on Google for your niche’s top keywords, then you can guarantee that someone else is.

If you’re just running social ads or trying to get distribution from Twitter, then you can also guarantee that your competitors are eclipsing you where it matters. SEO is 10x more effective than social media. It is responsible for 51% of website traffic, and generates 40% of revenue.


Want to steal customers from your competitors? You need a capable & result driven SEO partner

3. Organic search is the key in NEXT 5 YEARS

Google Search Ads and other marketing tactics can send traffic, but as soon as you stop investing your time, effort or money in them, traffic fades to nothing. In other words, organic traffic has staying power. It’s sustainable!

Organic traffic is sustainable as long as you target a topic with organic search traffic potential. I.e., a topic that people are se


Key takeaways

Organic search is where your audience is already looking. If you’re not there, your leads are finding your competitors instead.

The fact that 91% of pages on the internet get no organic traffic means that you get the leg up on your competitors the moment you start making an impact withyour SEO efforts.

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